Colintraive Heritage Centre

About the Heritage Centre Colintraive in Argyll

The Colintraive Heritage Centre in Argyll Scotland is open daily from April 9th to October 31st, 2022. You can visit our displays between the hours of 10am to 4.30pm.

On May 9th, 2009, the heritage site was opened allowing the community to have a permanent space to celebrate and share their local history and heritage. The museum is popular with residents and visitors who often describe it as a “hidden gem.” The work of community volunteers, fund raising and donations from visitors are helping to ensure we continue to record the heritage of Colintraive.

We would like to thank Argyll and Bute Council, Heritage Lottery, the Cruach Mor Wind Farm Trust, and Scottish Natural Heritage for their grants that enabled the conversion of the building and the creation of the displays.

The Heritage Centre at Colintraive Argyll

What can you do at the Colintraive Heritage Centre?

You will find displays with research, photographs, and maps. These enable you to discover the history and heritage of the people of Colintraive and gain an insight into the past working lives and leisure activities of residents and visitors of the area through collections of agricultural implements, domestic artefacts, film clips and personal stories.

The centre was previously, a stable, a coach house, hotel garage and finally a workshop. By looking carefully inside and out, you can identify traces of the former uses of the building.

The Stables, Bothy and Smiddy in the Early 1900’s

The ‘Wee Room’

Look through the windows of the old workshop office of Alex Grant, to see a living area, typical of a small local cottage in the early twentieth century. It contains domestic objects donated by villagers from their homes.

The School Area

Bring back your school memories! Use the chalk boards whilst sitting at the double school desk from the former South Hall School in the village of Colintraive. The modern school furniture provides a contrasting place for children to draw, colour, complete quizzes and look at maps.

Fergie the Tractor

You may ‘inspect’ and take a ‘ride’ on the 1947, Massey Ferguson tractor this is on loan to the museum by a former resident. Attached to the tractor is a double furrow plough. It is not a standard plough. It is known as a ‘match plough’ and only a few were made. It belongs to a local family.

Research Your Ancestors

You can research hard copies of the late 19th century and early twentieth census and the valuation roll to trace ancestors, the growth of the village and the occupations of inhabitants.

What is Near the Colintraive Heritage Centre?

The centre nestles next to the Milton Burn Bridge in the village of Colintraive in Argyll. This burn takes its name from the former hamlet of Milton. The only remaining building from the hamlet now houses this small museum. The current village hall stands on the site of the former smiddy, and blacksmiths croft.

Milton with the Smiddy and the Meal Mill

External display boards have information about the varied habitats and creatures found in this rural National Scenic Area. Stand here in the summer, to watch the coming and goings of our swallows and other woodland birds.

The ‘ green’ formerly the shinty pitch is a place to play ball games or to walk across to visit the polytunnel. In here you can admire the variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers grown in rented raised beds by villagers. Alternatively, follow the path around the polytunnel, go through the gate and walk to the shores of the Kyles of Bute, a beautiful National Scenic Area.

Cross the road and walk behind the village hall to explore the Colintraive Community Garden. In this peaceful spot enjoy the variety of trees, shrubs, flowers, and sit by the pond. The viewing platform over the Milton Burn is a wonderful place to stand after rain to see and hear the waterfall.

Use the tables, benches, and outdoor shelter to enjoy the view, picnic or to watch the bowls. Young children can play in the Wendy house and sandpit.

Nearby is the Colintraive Hotel. It provides a warm welcome and serves meals, snacks, and a variety of drinks. There is a post office from Monday to Friday and a small shop open daily 9am to 12 noon.