Colintraive’s Heritage Booklet

List of Figures :-Colintraive’s Heritage Booklet

  1. The Columban Chapel Ruin at Fearnoch
  2. Plan of the Chapel
  3. View of Eilean Buidhe from the Platform
  4. The Lamonts Raiding Cattle,
  5. The Campbells Charge Down,
  6. Wishing Rock by Loch Riddon
  7. Castle on Eilean Greig 
  8. Eilean Dearg Today. Now called Eilean Greig,
  9. Thatched House at Loch Striven
  10. South Hall House
  11. Lodge and Drive at South Hall
  12. South Hall Estate Plan
  13. Donald McNeil at South Hall Farm
  14. Johnie Maclean at Inverneil Farm
  15. Couston Farm
  16. Ardentraive Farm
  17. The Baxter Brothers at Fearnoch Farm
  18. Ploughing at Ardentraive
  19. Feorline Farm
  20. The Croft at Port an Eilean
  21. An Early Postcard
  22. The Columba at Colintraive Pier
  23. The Waverley, the Last Clyde Paddle Steamer
  24. Passengers on a Local Boat
  25. Archie Clark Ferryman
  26. The first Vehicular Colintraive Ferry
  27. Eilean Fraioch 1 (1957-1963) 
  28. Loch Dunvegan Ferry
  29. John MacLean, The Blacksmith
  30. Map of Milton and Milton Dam
  31. Milton with the Smiddy and the Mill
  32. The Shop at the Pier
  33. Caol Ruadh (Newly Built)
  34. Caol Ruadh Children Besiege the Shop
  35. Practice Landings from Loch Striven
  36. Midget Submarines in Loch Striven
  37. Hay Making, Couston
  38. Hay Making Feornoch
  39. Hay Making Feorline on the Shore
  40. Colintraive Church
  41. South Hall School (Colintraive School)
  42. Sunday School Picnic
  43. Colintraive Players