Colintraive’s Heritage Booklet

The Battle of the Braes of Glaic -1649

A group of Lamonts, crossing over Loch Striven, raided land belonging to the then small village of Glaic. These villagers appealed to Duncan Campbell in his castle of Eilean Greig for help.

Figure 4: The Lamonts Raiding the Village at Glaic.
(Source:- Kirkhope, J. 1971a with permission)

The Lamonts had their guns and swords with them. They armed themselves, and the fight began. The Campbells fired down from the upper ground on the Lamonts, and the Lamonts fired up from the lower ground on the Campbells. But, as the Campbells were behind the mountain dike, which was pretty high, they were well protected from the fire of the Lamonts. The fire of the Campbell therefore had a deadly effect.

Source :-McKechnie, H. 1938