Colintraive’s Heritage Booklet

The Defeat of the Lamonts

The Lamonts were at last obliged to fall towards their boats. The first of them that reached the boats pushed them out and left their friends and comrades to destruction. Those of the latter that could swim threw away their swords and guns, leapt into the water and swam after the boats, expecting that those in the boats would take them on board. But those who were in the boats paid no attention to any of them and being afraid of the bullets they allowed them to drown.’

Source :-McKechnie, H. 1938

The Wishing Rock Colintraive

Figure 5: – The Campbells Charge Down from Glaic (Source, Kirkhope, J. 1971a)

The war between the Campbells and the Lamonts did not stop at their defeat. The Campbells were far too powerful for the Lamonts. They put up gallows at the top of a rock, above Eilean Greig at the side of Loch Ruel, on which they hung many of the Lamonts. Their bodies were then thrown from the rock into the loch.

Figure 6: – The Wishing Rock at
Loch Riddon
(Source:-photographer at Colintraive Heritage Centre)